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Nov 11, 2021

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic put a new level of pressure on healthcare, the industry was struggling to deliver patient experiences that were on par with retail, banking, or travel. With more consumer companies evolving into healthcare services providers, the pressure to engage patients at scale became intense for hospital systems. Then COVID-19 arrived, which first pushed capacity to the limit, and has since created an environment that has driven a mass exodus of healthcare workers. If ever there was a time for advanced digital engagement, it’s now.

In this episode of Digital Conversations, Jay Roszhart, President of the Ambulatory Group at Memorial Health, joined us for a deep discussion about how he envisions the future of healthcare — one that is predicated on building loyalty, trust, and long-term relationships. Jay is driving a digital transformation that is designed to make the patient experience as easy as using Google or Facebook. He describes how conversational chatbots were deployed to handle a huge amount of demand, which allowed stretched care teams to focus on the complicated things that only humans can do.  

In one example, Jay describes how conversational AI technology allowed Memorial Health to execute more than 70,000 digital conversations with patients about COVID-19 test results over a two month period. The initiative saved 10-15 FTEs worth of time, and resulted in a 96% patient satisfaction rating.