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Jul 26, 2021

Healthcare systems of record have matured and serve as the digital home for all patient data. As the strategic focus shifts beyond the four walls, success at engaging patients through smart, digital interactions will be contingent on the ability to leverage that data in an EMR or CRM system so that communications are personalized and effective. A smart digital assistant should know things like the patient's name, their doctor, when their last appointment was, and what prescriptions they have ー “knowledge” that is only possible if the external facing solution is tightly integrated to the system of record.

In this episode, Greg Kefer and Justin Mardjuki discuss the opportunities and realities of connecting systems of record with advanced systems of engagement, and how that technology combination is vital in delivering on the promise of wide scale patient engagement, high user satisfaction, and complex workflow orchestration. We share specific examples of how virtual care experiences become effective and satisfying for patients by utilizing data through bidirectional integration with systems of record.