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Dec 10, 2019

The concept of liquid expectations is based on the natural comparisons consumers make between great and weak experiences. As consumers ratchet up their use of advanced digital tech to shop, travel, and do their banking, the comparisons to healthcare are increasingly common. The hospital digital front door is the closest thing healthcare has to an ecommerce site and consumers want booking appointments to be as easy as buying shoes. But it’s not. 

In this episode, Justin Mardjuki and Greg Kefer discuss the challenges and opportunities healthcare providers face in delivering a seamless appointment request experience. While the industry may be years behind Marriott or Open Table, there may be a perfect storm opportunity for hospitals to leap ahead to the next consumer technology curve, leverage all the learnings from the first two waves of e-commerce, and deliver a mobile, conversational experience that helps patients navigate from a website front door to scheduled appointments, through referrals, prescriptions, and beyond. That’s what consumers expect and it’s worth millions of dollars in incremental revenue.