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Sep 3, 2021

The healthcare system always operated in a way that depended on providers to do the right thing, to step up and make sure nobody gets left behind. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging through a second year, the strains being placed on doctors, nurses, and other caregivers has been intense. In many ways, the pandemic has exposed the flaws of a system that was never designed for maximum efficiency or optimized patient experiences.

In this episode of Digital Conversations, Ara Feinstein, a trauma surgeon and physician executive at Banner Health, discusses the current state of healthcare and COVID-19 in context of the big innovation opportunities that can potentially make a difference. In this wide-ranging discussion, Ara shares perspectives from the physician viewpoint on how technology can lighten the administrative burden that clinical teams face, and how that can result in better patient experiences. Ara envisions a digital future where health data is unlocked from internal systems of record and moved into personal devices that are owned and carried by the patients themselves.