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May 31, 2022

Billions of people are now fully dependent on various forms of technology as part of their daily lives. Healthcare is no exception. As paper forms give way to digital health records and electronic communications, the risks of losing control of private patient information has risen dramatically. Every organization that deals with healthcare data must come to grips with an increasingly challenging landscape of criminal sophistication and the constant flow of new regulations that are being put in place by international, federal, and local authorities.

In this episode, Greg Kefer is joined by Justin Wiley, Director of Information Security and Compliance at Lifelink Systems, to discuss the current state of compliance in healthcare IT. For any company that is involved in buying, selling, or delivering technology in healthcare, a sound approach to security and compliance has become table stakes. The industry can’t stand still. Digital innovation is more important than ever, but there are ways to ensure the technology being put in place has been vetted. Justin describes SOC 2, one of the “gold standard” audits, that dives deeply into technology organizations and how they operate, helping ensure best practices are in place and followed.