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Oct 15, 2020

While we all need healthcare at some point in our lives, it’s ultimately a business that is at its best when it’s focused on the patients. Healthcare does not work as designed unless the patients are interacting with their providers to manage care in lasting, meaningful ways. Unfortunately, healthcare systems and workflows are primarily designed to support episodic, one-to-one interactions, which are increasingly becoming unsustainable and ineffective.

Jay Roszhart, President of Ambulatory Services at Memorial Health System in Springfield, Illinois has a point of view on what the root problems are, and he has a vision for the path forward. In this wide ranging discussion, Jay describes the impacts of consumerism and technology on healthcare and why things must change. He is executing a vision to reimagine patient engagement from its current episodic, high-friction state to one based on building long-term, ongoing relationships that are enabled through advanced, conversational technology.