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Apr 27, 2021

According to a recent survey of more than 2400 adults, 74% rated the doctor’s office waiting room experience as fair or poor, while 80% indicated they would rather check in to their appointments virtually, on their mobile device. Waiting rooms have been on the innovation priority list for a long time, but the need to reopen for routine care in the era of COVID-19 has forced providers to find ways to virtualize the entire appointment intake process.

In this episode, Sarah Larsen, Chief Growth Officer at Lifelink Systems, joined Greg Kefer for a discussion about how physical waiting room spaces are giving way to virtual alternatives, which is actually a good thing for patients. Healthcare providers are in a battle with big consumer brands that are moving into healthcare and the winners will capture the hearts and minds of consumers by providing a technology experience that’s on par with other industries. For providers, waiting rooms are frequently the front line, first point of contact with a patient, and based on the research findings, the experience preference isn’t a room full of sick people and paper forms. It’s virtual, mobile, and simple.