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Jan 12, 2022

Genentech US Medical Affairs is involved in hundreds of concurrent clinical trials that involve a spectrum of participants and investigators. The world of clinical trials and therapy development has been evolving and now COVID-19 is forcing the industry to innovate in different ways as it deals with labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and a new virtual-first patient engagement environment.

Nik Kolatkar, Vice President, Scientific Operations, US Medical Affairs at Genentech sat down with Greg Kefer to discuss his vision for reimagining the way trials are executed. In order to meet modern consumer expectations, Genentech is leveraging advanced conversational AI to engage trial participants, to diversify, to democratize, and to create a constant feedback mechanism — all made possible through simple, smart, interactive messaging on smartphones.  

Nik also describes the Genentech Innovation Hub strategy and how that team takes a startup mindset predicated on looking horizontally across the organization to achieve small, quick wins and then scaling the technology that works across the entire project portfolio.